Greenville - Loan Services


Community Neighbor Bank invites you to share your goals, dreams and plans with us today. Our loan professionals stand ready to tailor the right lending solutions for you, blending attractive rates with flexible terms and prompt service.   Independent Thinking. Independent Banking.  gives us flexibilty at the local level to create tailored loan services to fit your needs.



Consumer Loans (loans for personal use)

Whether you need to borrow money to purchase a car, fund a college education, boat, vacation, make some home improvements or any other personal reason, Community Neighbor Bank can help you.  We offer a variety of fixed and variable rate loans with varied loan terms.  Let a loan officer assist you to determine the type of loan to best suit you.  One of our excellent loan professionals is ready to help you.  Call William Johnson, Murray Fail, or Justin Pierce at (334)371-1000 for additional information. 

  • Automobile-new and used
  • Recreational Vehicles
  • Boats
  • Home Improvements


Commercial Loans

Community Neighbor Bank offers traditional lines of credit and term loans, as well as competively priced installment loans and letters of credit.  If your business has has credit needs for growth and expansion, inventory and accounts receivables, real estate and equipment, please check with us today.  We are here to keep your business running smoothly and profitably.  One of our loan officers will be glad to meet with you and explore flexible options tailored for your needs.  Our slogan is Independent Thinking. Independent Banking., and we work to meet your financing needs.  Please contact William Johnson or Murray Fail at (334)371-1000 to discuss any of our commercial loans.

  • Manufacturing Facilities
  • Agricultural
  • Timber
  • Equipment
  • Working Capital
  • Construction Loans


Real Estate Loans

Community Neighbor Bank is home to one of the most experienced mortgage lenders in the area.  We have a variety of mortgage products to offer you.  Whether you are buying a home or refinancing an existing mortgage, check with us.  Call Murray Fail at (334)371-1000 for competitive interest rates and additional information about the following real estate loans:

  • Residential Mortgage Loans
  • Construction Loans
  • Conventional, FHA and VA
  • Home Equity Line of Credit


Home Equity Lines of Credit (HELOC)

Community Neighbor Bank also offers the flexibility and convenience of Home Equity Lines of Credit.  These loans are designed to allow you to use the equity in your home to make home improvements, consolidate other debt or pay for a family vacation.  And the interest paid could be used as a tax deduction.  Call Murray Fail at (334)371-1000 today to discuss your home equity needs.

Overdraft Protection (ODP)

Overdraft Protection at Community Neighbor Bank is just one more product available to help you manage your daily money needs.  This line of credit is tied directly to your checking account and can be tapped in the case of an occasional overdraft.  You will avoid paying non-sufficient funds charges and you'll get a monthly statement detailing advances and payments on your ODP.  Call us today to find out more!